So we have a blog...

Welcome to the official blogtastic Healthy Porcupine blog!

We're hoping that this can be a way, not just to talk about our soap, but to also share ideas with you on how we can all live a healthier, more self-sufficient lifestyle through sustainable and, sometimes, “back to basics” practices.

One of the things Darlene and I love about our soap is that we're giving people a truly natural alternative to chemical-laden, industrial products. We're constantly bombarded by so many terrible chemicals in pretty much every aspect of our lives, that it is really no wonder that there's a cancer epidemic. What we're hoping to accomplish is to minimize this exposure as much as possible.

Another thing that we really enjoy is the fact that we're working with local farmers who are pasture-raising their animals. We want to know where our suet is coming from, what the cows were fed, and that they were well-treated. By buying from local farmers, we can go directly to the source and see for ourselves. Also, by buying local, we're helping to build a stronger economy right here in New Hampshire.

We hope that this blog brings you enjoyment, but we also look forward to sharing with you what we've learned and continue to learn. By doing this, we hope that we can help to build a way of life that is more connected to our neighbors, our planet, and ourselves.