Each jar of Healthy Porcupine tallow balm is hand-made with locally sourced grass-fed tallow, extra virgin olive oil and essential oils.  

Our tallow skin care balm is able to be used for your entire body.  It's excellent for all skin types and people who suffer from dry, chapped, calloused, cracked, and sunburned skin.

The benefits of grass-fed tallow are numerous.  Studies have shown better mineral and micro-nutrient profile, including higher levels of vitamins (E, A, D, and omega-3 fatty acids). For example, one study found that grass-fed cows have four times the vitamin E of grain-fed cows. Products from grass-fed animals were also found to have three to five times more CLA that those fed a “conventional” diet.

Since tallow has a similar structure to our cell membranes, it is readily absorbed and does not leave a greasy, or heavy feel.  You only need to apply a small amount, if by chance it does feel greasy, too much has been applied to your skin.