Our mission is to promote self-sufficiency through sustainable, healthy practices.

Our Ingredients:
We take pride in the fact that our products are truly 100% natural and free of palm oil. We do not use chemical fragrance oils, dyes, or preservatives. We also use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible- all tallow that is used is from grass-fed cows and comes from local New Hampshire farms.

Health and Lifestyle:

Our health is our most important asset and being healthy gives you the ability to create, build, and make a positive impact on the world around you. Taking control over your health is more than just deciding which doctor you should go to- it is about actively deciding every day to live a healthy, positive lifestyle and making whatever changes are necessary to keep yourself well.

Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability:

 We believe that when you create a society that is more self-sufficient, you create a society that cares more about acting in a sustainable and neighborly manner.


Educating yourself is so important to maintaining your independence. Learning and sharing what you've learned enables us to grow, innovate, and adapt to whatever situations we may encounter.